Celebrity Endorsements

PAT BOONE, Legendary Movie Star and Singer/Songwriter

“The founding of Israel in 1948 is a miracle the likes of which we often confine to Old Testament Days, but this is a modern story of God coming to the aide of his people and it must be remembered. I want to see this feature documentary finished with a copy in the hands of all God’s children!”

JERRY LEWIS, Legendary Movie Star and Comedian

“ANGELS IN THE SKY is an exquisite and compelling opportunity for viewers to see the birth of the Israeli Air Force and the magnificent group of men that helped the country become what it is today. I am very proud that my son, Anthony, is a part of this project.”

CAROL CONNORS, Two-time Academy Award Nominated Songwriter

“I am Jewish…my mother’s family was annihilated by Hitler. In my mind, I feel that for one split second the consciousness of the world was elevated to a point after the holocaust, where the State of Israel would be, could be born and was born out of this tragedy. The birth of Israel is truly a celebration of life…and from my tears have come joy…and it makes me feel like I’m…in the words of the theme from ROCKY that I co-wrote, “GONNA FLY NOW” and yes, the Israeli Air Force was not only born, it flew on the wings of Angels. This project must get made!”

MICHAEL REAGAN, Son of 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan

Michael Reagan is a former American radio host and Republican strategist. He is the son of 40th President of the United States and 33rd Governor of California Ronald Reagan and his first wife Jane Wyman.

WILLIAM A. COHEN, Major General, USAFR, Ret. Former Major IDF/AF 1971-73

“Angels in the Sky is a remarkable story and a remarkable film. It is all the more remarkable because it is true. It stands with those great deeds in history where a few, badly out-numbered and opposed by great nations, left the comfort of their homes and flew inferior equipment against well-equipped enemies. With seemingly little chance for success, they risked all to fight for freedom. As someone has said about them, ‘they were their brother’s keepers’ And like the American Eagle Squadrons of the RAF or Chenault’s Flying Tigers in China during WWII, these airmen, both Jews and Christians from many countries, flying and fighting side by side, though under-equipped and out-numbered, persevered and were victorious against their adversaries. In the process these valiant airmen helped bring about the rebirth of the State of Israel 2000 years after its destruction. They also created the Israeli Air Force from nothing, which after almost 70 years, though still relatively small, remains one of the most professional air forces in the world. I’m proud to be associated with these brave men and proud to endorse this film telling the story of their sacrifices, struggles, and ultimate victory.”

LAURA MONTAGU MANCHESTER, The Duchess of Manchester

“Angels in the Sky is like a time capsule. As a story that was truly 2000 years in the making, it encompasses so much. But what moved me to extend my support for this film are the selfless acts of love, kindness and sacrifice on the behalf of men and women who volunteered to leave their families and work, some traveling from the far corners of the world, to defend the sovereignty of the brand new state of Israel, and the land that, after thousands of years of martyrdom and wandering, would become “home” to people they didn’t even know. This demonstration of humanity comprises a Biblical essence and serves as a universal statement that captures what I feel is needed most in our world today. Children and adults alike need to understand the global and historical significance of Israel’s 1948 War of Independence to our present day lives and the lives of generations to come. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the eleven original pilots still living today who will share with a world audience the experiences of a job they felt was their “duty,” that to me were acts of undeniable valor. I am honored to join the many celebrities, leaders, and countless individuals from around the world in supporting the production of this timely and important film.”

ROBERT SCHULLER, American televangelist, author & Television executive

“Mike Flint has put together a wonderful team to produce “Angels in the Sky.” It is an amazing story from the birth of Israel as a volunteer air force gathered from around the world to support this new nation that was under constant threat from her neighbors. Mike’s father was one of the Airmen who risked his life for people he didn’t know and a nation that wasn’t his own. Without pay or recognition this group of misfits secured this new nation.”

DAVID SIEGEL, Consul General of Israel in Los Angeles

“One of the stories that the world doesn’t know is the story of these heroic individuals that came and helped Israel set up its Air Force and helped us win the War of Independence. And it’s not just a story about Israel. It’s a story about Israel and America and the things that we’ve always done and we’ll always do together. It’s about global values. It’s about courage. It’s about passion and it’s about faith. It’s people that risked everything to go and do what they believed was right, and that helped create the State of Israel. We remember through movies like this that it wasn’t an easy beginning, and the very special partnership between America and Israel and people of faith everywhere. This is a tremendous project and a tremendous opportunity.”

DANNY DANON, Member of the Israeli Knesset

“Too few of us, Jews and Christians alike, know and remember today the story of how brave individuals from both faiths cared so much about the fate of Israel that in 1948 they risked it all to come to the defense of the fledging state. Israel was, against all odds, triumphant! Because of this remarkable accomplishment, Israel has evolved as the bright light of civilization in the Middle East charting vast accomplishments in all areas of modern concern. This documentary will preserve for all time the heroics and humanity of these great people and it must be accomplished now while some of the first-hand eyewitness accounts of this era can still be captured and preserved I give my full blessings and support to such an important project.”

JACOB DAYAN, “Former Consul General of Israel in Los Angeles”

“It is so important today to remind the world of the brave volunteers that came in 1948 and accomplished an incredible miracle in establishing the State of Israel. They came making great personal sacrifice and believing so strongly that Israel must be protected. These Jewish and Christian heroes knew that Israel is not just important to the Jewish people, it is important to all people. I look forward to this light and dedication continuing to shine on Israel’s future generations to come.”

ANNABEL LINDER, One of South Africa’s Leading Actresses

“Among my many involvements in the entertainment industry, I present a daily Jewish radio program on 101.9 ChaiFM out of Johannesburg, South Africa. It was my pleasure and honour recently to host Hollywood producer and talent manager, Mike Flint, whilst he was here discussing his progress in making the feature-length documentary film, “Angels In The Sky”. During the interview, in which Mike was telling us about his father Mitchell, who was a volunteer pilot in the 1948 Israel campaign, the most startling and amazing thing occurred. Steve Katzew, who was listening to my program, turned his car around and came directly to our station, where he burst in and declared that his dad had flown with Mike’s father in the campaign! Mike had that very morning pulled, from a local library, pictures of the two fathers. The two sons embraced in a totally magical encounter, and quite brilliant radio!!! It was a great pleasure for me to witness this union and to have been instrumental in bringing Mike’s story to our listeners. I wish him the best of luck with this production, which I am certain will be a huge success.”

ROI MOST, General Manager of World Betar Zionist Movement

“Angels in the Sky” tells a magnificent story of how 150 pilots from around the world helped defend the fledgling State of Israel in 1948. It is one of the great untold stories in Israel’s short, but rich, history. As part of an organization that played an important role in the fight to establish and defend Israel during its earliest days, we could not be more enthusiastic in our endorsement of this film. This is a story that must be told, not only for its incredible historical significance, but also for the lessons it can teach us today about what we can accomplish when diverse groups come together to fight for a common cause. Betar members worldwide, who continue to celebrate the Zionist roots of this wonderful country, cannot wait to see the finished product.”

TED BAEHR, Founder & Publisher of MOVIEGUIDE

“Angels in the Sky” is an exciting movie project about a little known, but vitally important and inspiring story of the founding of the modern State of Israel. I look forward to seeing the final version and I trust that everyone will see it.”